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Sebastian Michaelis
21 September 2010 @ 04:18 pm
[private to ciel | voice | unhackable]

Young Master, I have taken the liberty of setting up several protective wards in your cabin room. None of the spirits that have boarded the ship will be able to enter or disturb you there now.

[A soft chuckle.]

Any mishaps outside of your cabin are, of course, another matter entirely.

On another note, I will be handing out our product samples today-- I shall have the crew mates' responses and reactions in a report for you by tonight. [/]

[filtered to the amestris | voice]

To be quite honest, these spirits that have shown up are more meddlesome than anything else, scaring the crew into a tizzy. Some of them are malicious, I've heard, but the kitchen is quite safe. So everyone can at least rest assured that they will not have access to some particularly sharp or razor-edged cooking utensils with which to harm a living being.

With that thought, everyone on the Amestris is invited to the kitchen to sample a creation of mine. The curry doughnut is a fried, breaded pastry snack filled with a mildly spicy lamb curry. The heat of the Indian curry is tempered by the inclusion of the Funtom Company's finest chocolate, sweetening it just enough to give it a rich, substantial taste. I would like an opinion from others on how enjoyable it is, so feel free to stop by to try it. [/]
Sebastian Michaelis
12 August 2010 @ 10:20 am
[filtered to the amestris//voice]

Things have gotten quite busy in a short amount of time, and yet I've not had the chance myself to venture out into the festival. Are there any attractions that I should be aware of? [/]

[private to ciel//voice//unhackable]

Young Master, I cannot help but notice that you haven't left the ship since returning from the political panel. If I may be so bold, as a representative of Parliament at this event, it is necessary for you to mingle with the commoners...even if you don't particularly care for the festivities. [/]

[private to madam red//voice]

Have you been properly settled, Madam? If you still have various things that need to be unpacked, I could see to them wile you go out and enjoy yourself at the festival. [/]

[private to lau//voice//unhackable]

Master Lau and Miss Ran Mao, forgive me for not giving you a proper welcome earlier. Though it is no excuse, I've been busy with work for the Young Master. I hope you are finding your stay enjoyable.

How is your...business? [/]

[private to lucifer//voice//unhackable]

Are you at the festival as well? Shall we meet up for a bit? [/]

[private to pip//voice//unhackable]

I do still hope you are using the same journal as before, Pip. Otherwise I shall have to assume that something happened to you again.

Have you been well? [/]
Sebastian Michaelis
22 June 2010 @ 08:40 am
I am afraid I have another complaint to add to the Network. If there is a technician near the kitchen, may I request that you take a look at the burners at your earliest convenience? I know quite a few things about fixing kitchen appliances from my own line of work, but despite everything looking to be in order, they are still malfunctioning. At this rate, it will be difficult getting lunch or even dinner ready in a timely manner, to say nothing of keeping the kitchen from burning down.

Mister Watanuki, Mister Kirkland, could you please come as soon as possible as well? The icebox is not cold anymore-- we must find a new one to hold the food supplies, or else it will all spoil and go to waste.

[A pause.]

It's quite strange-- everything was working perfectly just last night.

[filtered to ciel//voice]

My apologies, Young Master. Your tea will be at its usual time, but because of these kitchen mishaps I will not be able to make the black forest cake you requested. It shall have to be a fruit parfait today. Is this alright?
Sebastian Michaelis
21 June 2010 @ 01:38 am
[When the mic turns on, Sebastian's light laughter can be heard. It's the sort of amused, polite laugh that he's laughed before-- but oh, is that some sort of sinister undertone in it? The kind that sends shivers down a spine?

...no, not at all, you were entirely thinking it up~]

Oh dear. I've made quite the blunder. The poor gentleman only wanted something to drink, and now he's ended up knocked out. I must have accidentally used the Young Master's milk mixed with his sleeping pills in his tea, instead of the regular milk.

[A pause. Mostly for dramatic effect on Sebastian's part.]

Why, this is Lieutenant Chardonay, the man who was meant to be the Young Master's guard! How utterly careless of me! And he will be out for quite some time as well-- the Young Master's sleeping potion is very potent. Forgive me for my incompetence, Young Master. Ah, and whatever shall we do? It would be ill-advised to allow you to walk alone at a time like this.
Sebastian Michaelis
05 May 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Good day, fellow crew members. My name is Sebastian Michaelis-- I am one of the new cooks aboard this ship along with Mister Watanuki. I am sure there will not be much reason in the future for me to contact everyone like this, but if you will please indulge me for a moment, I would be very much obliged.

Several of you have expressed a...concern of sorts in regards to the melons that the Captain has so graciously gifted us. If I may be so bold, if you feel as though you do not have any need for them, Mister Watanuki and I would be grateful if they were donated to the kitchen. I am sure we will be able to put them to good use for a drink or dessert, perhaps-- if we see fit we may use them for the upcoming banquet as well.

On another note, if there are any requests as far as desserts go, please feel free to inform me at any time. I am sure I will be able to accommodate you.
Sebastian Michaelis
22 February 2010 @ 03:13 pm
Well, now that you are mostly healed, Pip, I should say that now would be an excellent time as ever to introduce to you the new doctor that tended to your wounds. If Lady Estellise were not nearby, I'm quite sure an infection would have set into your leg.

[Isn't he so cheerful about that.]

Lady Estellise, you must pardon me for being so forward, but you deserve the thanks from him. And it would help to get to know our crew members, no? Outside of the infirmary setting, of course.
Sebastian Michaelis
10 February 2010 @ 06:26 pm
[Sebastian's voice is distant when he speaks up. His journal is actually sitting on the stomach of an unconscious Pip, who he happens to be carrying princess-style-- yes, princess-style-- back to the Fiertia. He's utterly calm, if not a little bit exasperated because sigh Pip, why does he have to be the one to take care of you after you go down in your silly shonen way?]

I would highly appreciate someone coming out and assisting me, preferably someone who has proficient healing skills. Pip was injured earlier by a gunshot wound to his thigh-- I administered immediate first aid, so he should be alright, but it is better that he gets medical attention sooner rather than later.
Sebastian Michaelis
29 January 2010 @ 01:57 pm
My my. Time seems to fly by so quickly. I had not realized it was my birthday today until Mister Adachi brought up his own.

[An amused laugh.]

I wonder if I should celebrate it.

[private to unknown journal//unhackable]

It has been three years since I have come to be in your employ, Young Master. It is unfortunate that I am away from the mansion-- else I would have prepared something to celebrate such a special and memorable occasion.

[ooc: ...this is after Yuri is rescued...?]
Sebastian Michaelis
17 January 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Lady Uni is gone. I had not seen her lately, so I went to her room to check on her...

[He pauses here, letting out a breath. He wasn't sure he could say he had been affectionate of her, but the loss was somewhat like losing a cat he'd found on the streets, when he knew he couldn't have it. He supposed he had always expected her departure, after the many, many talks they'd had.]

All of her personal effects are gone. She did not leave much other than a pin, which seems to be meant for me. I am...sorry to anyone who was also familiar or close to her.
Sebastian Michaelis
11 December 2009 @ 01:27 pm
[If anyone cares to notice, as Sebastian makes his way back onto the Fiertia from Bellcius, he will be one: walking alone and without Ciel, two: wearing a pink bonnet (which he idly tugs off of his head as he heads up the gangplank), and three: carrying a covered tray.]

It seems the Young Master has decided to stay behind in Bellcius again to attend to business matters. I do wonder how he manages without me, but I am sure he will be quite happy with Lady Elizabeth as his company. Miss Angel, I must trouble you again to cook without me-- I have a meeting with a lovely lady this afternoon, and I do believe I am making her wait.

Though I have to inquire...has the Captain still not returned yet? How strange, for him to be gone for so long...
Sebastian Michaelis
21 October 2009 @ 09:10 pm
[When the mic turns on, unhappy mewls can be heard- the loud cannon fire is obviously painful to Lilith's sensitive kitten ears. Sebastian seems to soothe her with a crooning (affectionate!) voice before addressing his journal.]

If it was unseemly for the Victoria II to leave its charge in the middle of a mission to chase pirates, it is even more so to ask for assistance. But I suppose it will be an excellent chance for some of our more...restless crew members to get out.

Do take care to be gentle-- it would be terrible for blood to be spilled for such a childish fight.

[private to Pip//unhackable after Pip's first reply]

Am I right in assuming you are not active in the current battle because the 4423 was your former ship?
Sebastian Michaelis
04 October 2009 @ 12:10 pm
My my, how unseemly of the Victoria II. To choose to abandon their current obligation in favor of chasing pirates? I must wonder if they were given an order to follow the 4423, or if they are simply doing so out of their own desires-- or rather, their captain's desire. It would be an insult to Parliament if their servant did not even listen to them...and as a servant myself, I know full well the consequences of not following instructions to the letter. One must never assume things from their master, after all.

Of course, all of Ivona will see it as a given duty, if Parliament wants it to be so-- that would be their cover up, if something were to go wrong during this little chase. But it really must be that the Victoria II wants revenge for the humiliation of having their prey slip out of their fingers, hm? If the Victoria II doesn't catch them, their aesthetic will be ruined. And we cannot be having that, now can we.

[private to ciel//voice//unhackable]

Welcome back, Young Master. I trust that your visit back to the Phantomhive mansion was pleasant? I do hope that the little party Lady Elizabeth arranged for you for Amicus was enjoyable as well.

[you can practically hear the smirk in his voice. He was the one who suggested to Lizzie to have an Amicus party for Ciel, after all.]
Sebastian Michaelis
22 August 2009 @ 10:07 pm
[There is a curious meow, and the sound of tiny claws scraping against the metal of the difference engine as his new kitty paws at it. Sebastian's scolding tsk can be heard, but there is no real malice behind it.]

Now now, Lilith.

To everyone that sent gifts to me, I thank you deeply and sincerely. I will admit I had not expected much this Lunasa-- I am merely a humble servant, after all. But you all have surprised me with your kindness, and I can only hope that the gifts I gave in return will reflect the same sentiment.

Due to-- [He sighs a little here, half out of needing to thank Grell, and half out of adoration for the present Grell got him.] --a certain someone's kindness, I now have a beloved feline to call my own. So please do treat her kindly if you see her around.

Her name is Lil-- [There is a rustle as Sebastian picks up the kitten, but another sigh, this one blissful, leaves his lips.]

Ahh, your paws are so exquisite, and your fur is silky to the touch...
Sebastian Michaelis
06 August 2009 @ 10:08 am
Tulgim is colder than I had expected it to be. But it is no matter to me or you all, I am sure-- so long as we follow Ms. Uni's advice and stay bundled up, the cold should be of no consequence.

Of course a hot drink would also aid in keeping one warm in this weather, so I have provided hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and brandy in the kitchens. They are in the large thermoses, coffee and tea pots, and flasks respectively. [a pause] And merely because I have left it out for everyone, I would hope that all of you will reserve your judgment on which drink you choose and how much of it you take.

...There is also durian tea, should anyone like to venture a taste. Though I am sure by now many of you are tired to death of durians.
Sebastian Michaelis
18 July 2009 @ 07:39 pm
Congratulations to all of the Fiertia pilots, whichever place you came in. It is a daring thing indeed to compete in such a race, and for crossing that final finish line at all, that is more than we can say for many other pilots, now isn't it?

[a pause]

And Mr. Seta, while I am but a humble chef, perhaps I could suggest some ways in which to prepare them to eat? I am sure you would like to utilize your prize to the fullest of its ability.

[ooc: ...Yes, he's helping Souji. He secritly wants you all to suffer. ...Not really, but he thinks it's funny.]